May 24, 2019

The World Trade Center Trieste received a delegation of approximately twenty MBA students from the University of Redlands on May 6, 2019.

The group was accompanied by Allison Fraiberg, Professor of Communication & Cultural Studies. The meeting was held at the renowned AREA Science Park Trieste Headquarters.

Each year, students in the School of Business choose from a variety of international study courses that explore business issues first-hand in some of the world’s most vibrant regions. This year the focus of the 2-week exploratory trip was Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

WTC Trieste presented on the global WTCA Network and the mission and services of the WTC Trieste. Topics discussed also included business strategy, logistics and international trade policy.

Executives representing AREA Science Park shared information on the public research institution that manages the multi-sectoral science and technology park, fostering innovation and economic development.

The meeting wrapped up with a discussion on the features and benefits of the public-private partnership known as “FREEWAY Trieste”, which marries advanced laboratories for industrial research and innovation with infrastructure and logistics services to uniquely benefit companies looking to locate or expand in the industrial and free trade zones of Trieste.