Italian Food & Wine WTCs Platform Implementation

Jul 26, 2017


From the launch of the largest B2B e-commerce platform of selected high quality Italian Food & Wine products, there have been several changes regarding the functionalities (implementation of business analytic tools and administration panel). 

One of the most important step forward has surely been the implementation of the platform thanks to the involvement of various WTCs such as Dublin and Twente at European level and Indianapolis for the USA.

The platform is a tool to support trade and generate revenues for WTCs interested in joining it. It is completely free of charges. It aims at informing, approaching and managing business users interested in buying directly from the producers of gourmet Food & Beverage goods, by selecting them among 13,000+ references.

This B2B platform helps the registered business users to relay on a constant updated stock availability of Italian Food & Wine products, without carrying out the costs for storing food items abroad.

WTC Trieste is always looking for other WTCs interested in joining the platform and this profitable initiative in order to generate and share revenues.

We would be more than glad to offer support and a more detailed explanation about the platform potentialities, functionalities and its business model directly by email.

If your WTC is interested in understand more about the platform, please refer to:
Leonardo Monniello