Feb 19, 2016


TRIESTE, ITALY - In this modern day and age and in our everyday life, information technology is one of the main actors. 

This sector is stable but still has to grow in Italy, compared to other countries that are more innovative and involved in research and development of new technologies, granting an important source of economic growth and helping to increase the productivity.

Considering the premises, WTC Trieste and WTC Twente are proud to announce that two Members involved in the ICT sector, "DELEX S.R.L." in Trieste and "CHARGE TO GO B.V." in Hengelo, have signed a distribution agreement to introduce in the market new high tech devices.

This success is the concrete proof that being part of a network enables entrepreneurs to encounter further opportunities that would be difficult to achieve without the foreign support, that is provided by the World Trade Centers, in the local economic context.

Having a professional counterpart abroad increases the reliability level of the business partnership and enables the possibility to be constantly updated on the foreign economic and trade developments.

The World Trade Centers Network confirms itself to be qualified as the perfect tool to access international markets.

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