CSA Signed With WTC Leeuwarden

Oct 26, 2016


TRIESTE, ITALY - The 2016 WTCA Member Seminar, took place from the 16th to 18th October in New York City, offered the attending delegates numerous networking opportunities.

WTC Trieste was given the chance to intervene on stage again during the Innovation & Exchange session, with the theme “Commission Sharing Agreement”.

This is the model aiming at sharing between WTCs the revenues of the trading activities, implemented one year ago by WTC Trieste after the first presentation during the 2015 WTCA Member Seminar, that brought in this period of time to important results.

Because of this, WTC Leeuwarden too, chose to sign with WTC Trieste a Commission Sharing Agreement on behalf of WTC Trieste and WTC Leeuwarden Members, with the purpose to develop more fruitful business opportunities in regards not only to all the trade services provided to the Members, but also with the objective of finding a stronger cooperation between WTC Leeuwarden and WTC Trieste Business Academies.

To learn more about WTC Trieste, please click on the source link below.