WTC Tianjin to Host 2017 Tianjin ICE

Mar 24, 2017

TIANJIN, CHINA - The 13th PECC International Trade and Investment Fair 2017 Tianjin International Import Commodity Exhibition (ICE) to be held in Tianjin from May12th to 16th is organized by WTC Tianjin in association with China Chamber of International Commerce Tianjin Chamber of Commerce and CCPIT Tianjin.

With China’s middle class expanding and their increasing demand for the imported commodities from developed countries like the U.S., Australia, Germany and France considering their better quality, hygiene, health and safety, China has become the hottest market for the imports with $378 billion import volume reached in 2016. Tianjin is the Economic Center in north China and one of the Free Trade Zones in China. As the exhibition to promote the international trade during the PECC International Trade and Investment Fair, 2017 Tianjin International Import Commodity Exhibition will offer an important platform for overseas products & technologies to enter the Chinese market and promote international trade, technology exchange, investment cooperation, information sharing, etc. Like 2016 Tianjin International Import Commodity Exhibition, WTC Tianjin will integrate resources to organize a matchmaking session inviting the professional buyers from distribution agents, wholesalers, department stores, supermarkets, importers and exporters, chain franchisees, corporate buyers, gift distributors, retail stores to have face to face conversation with the exhibitors.

Products ranges:
Daily Commodity: Textiles, Apparel, Leather, Leather goods, Kitchen supplies, Home electronics, Sanitary appliance etc.
Foods: Specialty products, Food, Agricultural products, Condiments, Snack foods etc. Liquors & Beverages: Chinese spirits, Beers, Wines, Beverages etc.
Consumer goods: Handicrafts, Gifts, Souvenir etc.
Baby care products: Maternal & baby products, Baby toys, Educational products, Lathes & Furniture, Baby wears, Baby shoes & Accessories, Baby food & Health products etc.

Hereby we sincerely wish you would find business opportunities or partners during this fair. For more information, you could reach Ms Liu Shanshan via

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