CCPIT Tianjin met with WTCA Vice President

Mar 13, 2023

On the morning of March 3, Mr. Zaolin Guo, Vice President of CCPIT Tianjin met with Mr. Scott Wang, WTCA Vice President and its APRO team. The CCPIT Tianjin departments who attended the meeting include: the Office, the International Liaison Department, the Trade and Investment Promotion Department and the World Trade Center Tianjin.

Mr. Guo welcomed Scott and his delegation and introduced the recent work of CCPIT Tianjin. Guo hoped to cooperate closely with the WTCA, give full play to their respective resource advantages, build an overseas economic and trade exchange platform for enterprises, promote the exchange of exhibitions and delegations, and help Tianjin to open to the outside world at a higher level. Meanwhile, he introduced their special initiative on serving foreign enterprises, hoping to cooperate with the WTCA in enterprise service and promote the healthy development of foreign enterprises in Tianjin.

Mr. Wang introduced the recent work of the WTCA and reviewed the lasting relationship with CCPIT Tianjin / WTC Tianjin. He appreciated their important role in promoting economic and trade exchanges, and expressed his hope to strengthen cooperation by jointly connecting Tianjin and other parts of the world to promote Tianjin enterprises to carry out economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with overseas countries and realize common development.