Past Events

  • Vietnam: Emerging Market/Manufacturing Powerhouse - Not only has Vietnam witnessed stellar growth and recovered quickly from the pandemic, it has in short order risen to one of our top trading partners. Along with this growth has come the emergence of a burgeoning market due to a growing middle class that wants the latest and ... more

  • The Impact of Biden's China Policy on our Economy - A MUST SEE if you want to understand what changes will come at atime when trade, overseas market access, and supply chains arekey components of our economic vitality. Featured Guest: Sam Kaplan: Sam is author of the recentlyreleased Challenging China: Smart Strategies for Dea... more

  • 22nd Annual Globe International Award Ceremony - TACOMA, WA, USA - The Globe Awards is the largest annual trade gathering in Washington State with over 400 local business owners in attendance. The World Trade Center Tacoma invests you to be part of the 22nd awards.  We are accepting nominations for the follwing categories: ... more

  • Pacific Northwest – China: Trade Investment Summit - TACOMA, WA, USA -  Day 1: Real Estate and EB-5 Investments Day 2: Trade Import and Export. Conference Format: one-on-one matchmaking and tours Targeted seminars with resource experts Investment project booths Keynote speaker luncheons Networking wine social and ... more

  • Economic and Trade Outlook Luncheon - Economist Looks ahead at International Business/Trade in 2014 more