SECURITY EXPO 2016- the era of digital technology

Mar 25, 2016


SOFIA, BULGARIA - From 16 to 19 March in Inter Expo Center during SECURITY EXPO - the only Bulgarian exhibition for security and smart technologies,the businesses saw a wide variety of security systems. If so far the content of the exhibition was aimed primarily at hardware solutions, the last edition paid special attention on the new applications and software that make entirely new product.

SECURITY EXPO is organized in cooperation with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – WTC Sofia - affiliated under the patronage of the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria.

This year visitor saw more technologies from the sector of telecommunications, IP networks, security of personal data, securing digital transactions. Among the highlights there were also the protection of information using mobile devices, the possibilities of modern software applications for security management in homes, offices, public buildings and infrastructure.

Leading companies such as Sectron and Bosch Security Systems showcased the latest CCTV with IVA video analysis systems for video surveillance. There was an additional protection provided by the specialized D-Link CCTV discs and the use of new technology reduces the losses of video and improves playback of footage. At SECURITY EXPO there were presented wireless alarm systems that have revolutionized the world market for security equipment in the last 10 years.

The innovative satellite communications by the global leader GLOBALSTAR offered a safer way to protect and provide connection in places with no standard telephone range cover. Governments, departments for crisis management, shipping, energy, forestry are increasingly in need of the opportunities of the indispensable SPOT technologies.

Physical security enters new dimensions. Businesses got acquainted with the technologies by the French company Oberthur - the leader in smart systems for protection of cash, ATMs and retail markets worldwide. Special modules allow the attack to be detected even before the safe door is open. At SECURITY EXPO visitors saw GSM indicating eavesdropping. Portable USB drives store information with enhanced security and allow for extreme destruction of data.

At special presentations leading companies in the sector such as Sectron, Bosch, Andi-L, D-Link, NST Security Group, Western Digital Corporation presented the latest novelties in video surveillance systems.

Security of digital technology will be a topic that will guide the businesses over the next 1000 years. Which is why on March 17 a conference on "SECURITY IN DIGITAL PAYMENTS" was held. It involved leading and newly-established companies in the sector - ePay, Borica, Imperia Mobile, Tickey. The event and the exhibition were supported by the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies.

"Specificities of investigation into murders, linked to organized crime groups” and "Systems for sports training" were topics of the speakers from the Ministry of the Interior. The psychological aspects of radicalization were considered at a presentation by the Institute of Psychology of Ministry of the Interior. DG "National Police" delivered a presentation on how to monitor Ministry’s staff engaged in traffic control.

The Ministry of the Interior organized demonstrations of the latest fire-fighting equipment. In addition, it will also prepare presentations on the work of the Sports training and the will also be emphasized in the presentations of the Ministry.

Testing of construction products for fire-fighting was highlighted during the lecture by the DG "Fire Safety and Protection of Population of the Ministry of the Interior. How to become a volunteer, was another key issue. The Defense Institute of the Ministry of Defense presented new standards in the systems for access control. The Bulgarian Association “Labor, Health, Safety” proposed tactics and methods of evacuation in case of emergency.

More than 8,000 experts from Bulgaria and 13 other countries, including England, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, have visited the Bulgarian exhibition. 

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