BCCI/WTC Sofia (AF) for 'Business Diplomacy'

Nov 24, 2015


SOFIA, BULGARIA - The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, License holder of WTC Sofia Affiliated, hosted a presentation entitled “Business diplomacy: risk management and opportunities in the changing international business environment”, organized jointly with Sofia Security Forum on November 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The former British diplomat and consultant on business diplomacy – Mr. Shaun Riordan, analyst at the largest Analytical Centre of the Netherlands - Clingendael, highlighted the risks to companies in foreign markets: unpredictable business environment, political and economic situation, cultural aspects. He presented the basic non-commercial risks for companies and diplomatic skills which every businessman should possess to deal with aspects of the changing international business environment requiring assessment and analysis of geopolitical and other risks having an impact on their business.

Mr. Riordan is an independent geopolitical analyst with over 10 years experience of advising governments and companies on the development of diplomatic strategies to manage geopolitical risk. He spent 16 years in the British Diplomatic Service with postings to New York, Beijing and Madrid as well as stints in the Counter-Terrorism and Balkans Departments of the Foreign Office.

Representatives of the Bulgarian business, joint chambers, branch organizations and institutions had the opportunity to ask questions and to obtain Mr. Riordan’s book latest book published in Bulgarian language.

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