Valdosta, Ga. Welcomes Arglass Southeast

Oct 28, 2019

Construction is well underway for a $123 million glass container manufacturing plant that is going to revolutionize the American glass industry via a greenfield start-up plant that will use best-in-class technology to serve the U.S. glass packaging industry, hence reducing the number of imports from China and other countries. Arglass Southeast, a subsidiary of new holding company Arglass Yamamura, will cater to the spirits, wine and food & beverage industries using the latest technology for efficient glassmaking in what will become the world’s most modern glass plant to date.

“We believe there is a large untapped potential in the U.S. consumer market for glass. Our goal is to help more producers choose glass as a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible material that can at the same time be customized, dynamic, colorful and cost-competitive,” said Arglass Chairman and CEO José de Diego Arozamena.