WTC Executive Women Committee

May 24, 2019


WTC São Paulo Business Club had the great opportunity of having again this very important group: WTC Executive Women Committee. More than 40 leaders discussed about women in the high level on advisory boards inside big companies. We also had 3 speakers for discussing, bringing their experience about the subject.

Na tarde da última sexta-feira, mais de 40 líderes se reuniram para discutirem o papel feminino na alta gestão e também nos Conselhos de Administração. Rossana Sadir (CEO Amway), Heloise Rios (Founder and CEO InConnection) and Regina Nunes (Founder and Partner RNA Capital) with the President of the Committee, Lidia Abdalla (CEO of Laboratorio Sabin), Juliana Sá (Corporate Relations and Content Development of Scania) and Ana Claudia Viegas (COO of WTC São Paulo Business Club).