Strength points of San Marino Republic

Jun 24, 2019

The Republic of San Marino is one of the best places to start a business, because it has the most competitive level of taxation for companies. Ordinary Corporate Income Tax is equal to 17% of taxable income so setting up a company in the Republic is the winning choice in order to sell to the European market.

For the establishment of companies with share capital, the minimum capital required by law is 25.500 € for limited liability companies. The cost of company setup amounts to 5.700 € and the activity start time is just around 20 days. It is possible to use both European banks and banks based in San Marino.

San Marino is the perfect place to set up a Holding, so is important to know that Research and Development activities have no taxes for the first 5 years. San Marino boasts a court specialized in trusts and fiduciary relations, composed of lawyers of international repute, and that court is one of the most economically advantageous for trust.

Besides San Marino World Trade Center has a worldwide Authority based in, The Authority for Approval releases type-approval certificates for vehicles, components, technical entities and system of vehicles in general with the UNECE E57 code corresponding to the Republic of San Marino.