“Blockchain Technology rules for businesses”

Aug 08, 2019

Investment token, Article 9 of Delegated Degree no 86 (23 May 2019) of The Republic of San Marino in the field of “Blockchain Technology rules for business.”

According to the law no 86 of 23 May 2019 of the Republic of San Marino relating to investment tokens, we are pleased to announce that keymical 2 RSM, a Ltd company under San Marino’s legislation, later this year (2019) will emit an ICO token with a profit of 20% and the return of the capital invested in 5 years.

The ICO token will be emit to quickly spread the new technology KLRS on the market (Keymical Laser Resonance System), that use an artificial intelligence covered by worldwide patent. The purpose is to collect maximum 8.000.000 Euros.

The KLRS technology, illustrated on keymical website WWW.KEYMICAL.COM (click on the button “Technology”, then on the button presentation “KLRS”), is certified “industry 4.0”. In 2019, the first systems have been sold and installed already to the most important companies of tyre production in the world. 

KLRS technology allow the manufacturing company to save almost 100 dollars for every single cleaned mould, even removing mud and chemical products disposal, chemical and physical water purification costs and high industrial water consumption. Everything in the interest of the environment.

For any further information, please write an e-mail to San Marino WTC