WTC-SF San Francisco’s University Program

Jul 25, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA - World Trade Center San Francisco is stepping into their second year of the University program. This program is designed to provide the students with options to stay legally in the United States after graduation while helping the U.S. economy by bringing in Foreign Direct Investment.

The university program helps international students understand the visa options they have upon their graduation to stay in the United States. Most of the international students either do not have the right information or have no information at all about their options. University program provides the students with appropriate and reliable information, choices and solutions. Currently, WTC-SF is working with various student groups at University of Washington and University of Oregon to educate students and provide them with the right information. WTC-SF has held a few panel presentations and seminars to highlight all the different visa options that may apply to their visa status.

Mr. Derek Watson, the Chief Financial Officer of World Trade Center San Francisco, shares his thoughts on the program and says

We launched the University Marketing Program at the World Trade Center San Francisco to help educate international students at universities in the United States on their options for working and living in the US after their formal studies. The US offers some different visa programs for both short-term and permanent residency. We have found that many students after spending a number of years in the US for university have a desire to stay, work, and build a life here. As part of the World Trade Center San Francisco's vision for providing opportunities for foreign direct investment into the US to grow the economy here, we also are committed to attracting the best and the brightest from around the world to contribute to America's dynamic business and social spheres through temporary and permanent residency.”

World Trade Center San Francisco is now starting phase 2 of the university program. The program aims to assist qualified students stay after graduation and strengthen the international workforce in the United States.

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