Nine WTCs sign MoUs for US Investor Visa Program

Sep 19, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA - Nine World Trade Centers have signed Memorandums of Understanding with WTC San Francisco to promote the US Government’s EB-5 Investor Visa Program in their regions. Several others are reviewing the MOU and will likely sign in the coming weeks.

WTCs who join with WTC San Francisco via these MOUs can receive substantial financial recognition if they are successful in attracting local investors into approved EB-5 projects. 

The program for WTCs was presented at the WTCA General Assembly in Bucharest. The nine World Trade Center participants are WTC Buenos Aires, WTC Ibague, WTC Tenerife, WTC Saigon, WTC Accra, WTC Panama, WTC Bogota, WTC London and WTC Sao Paulo. 

EB-5 Visas are for high net worth families who want to attain a US Green Card. This can be done through an investment in approved projects in the USA. WTC San Francisco represents several of these projects.

Almost 85% of all EB-5 visas went to investors from China this year. The program has little recognition in the rest of the world so in some markets WTCs will be building the program’s awareness from a very low starting point.

Anthony Hemstad, WTC San Francisco President, said, “This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurial WTC entities in many countries to generate income to help fund their other trade services programs. Programs like this, where WTCs can clearly benefit by being part of the WTC Network, will enhance the value of WTC Licenses for all of us.”

Several non-WTCs have signed on to partner with WTC San Francisco from regions where no WTC operations currently exists. Interestingly one such group – in South Africa – now is getting information on potentially becoming a WTC License holder as this program intrigues them.

In the months ahead WTC San Francisco, in partnership with local World Trade Centers, will be making presentations in South America, India, Turkey, Europe and Africa to help promote this program. 

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