Club USA meeting - How to export to the USA

May 24, 2019


The WTC Rennes Bretagne's USA Clubs organized another workshop on April 11 with the United States Consulate for Western France and the Law Firm, Fidal.

The goals of this workshop were to undestand :
- the American market
- the rules and regulations 
- the American culture : “debunking myths”
- the opportunities of this vast market

"France's Exports to the USA" presented by Eric Beaty, Commercial Attaché at the US Consulate.

This presentation highlights key figures of trade relations between the USA and France :

  • Exchanges between France and the USA = $121 billion
  • French companies located in the USA represent $160 billion of turnover and 600,000 jobs
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"Understanding the American Culture" presented by Marie-Christine BONZOM, Expert in communication and media, specialist of United States

Marie-Christine Bonzom, a political scientist and journalist, has worked for more than 25 years in the United States (World Bank, the BBC, CNN etc...)
Mrs. BONZOM deciphered human relations in the USA and briefly presented the dynamics of this market through demographic profiles and by debunking some myths related to food, the green economy etc…
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"FDA Regulations" presented by BĂ©atrice MOREAU, Registrar Corp
Ms. MOREAU explained the differences between "registered" and "approved" and explained that entering the American market is not so complicated as long as you are in good standing with the rules and regulations in place.
It is therefore important, among other things, to:
  • Determine FDA requirements for your products
  • Identify other government agencies that are involved in your business
  • Take into account FDA fees and other fees in your budget
  • Invest in product compliance
  • Prevent problems during the transit and inspections

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"Contracts with the USA", presented by William MOREL, Lawyer at FIDAL Law Firm
After a brief introduction of the differences between the legal framework in the USA and Europe (Common Law vs. written law for example), Mr. MOREL presented some important habits to keep in mind when drafting contracts with the USA. For example, be aware that there is no single international law or international tax framework...

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