Translating the INDIA-EU Connectivity & Trade

Antwerp Port Authority and World Trade Centre (WTC) Pune take pleasure in inviting you for a virtual interaction on “Translating the INDIA-EU Connectivity and Trade enhancement plan in to action”.

Participants join the webinar.

Context setting - Ms. Malini Dutt - India Representative, Antwerp Port Authority.

Highlights of the India-EU strategic dialogue held on 8th May and what it means for the private sector by Ms. Elena Suárez, Advisor at the International Relations Department, Business Europe.

Port of Antwerp initiative to strengthen India-EU trade by Mr. Luc Arnouts, Vice President International Relations & Networks, Antwerp Port Authority.
Topics :
1. Port of Antwerp-Port of Zeebrugge merger – what it means for customers
2. Trade disruptions – Covid-19 pandemic/Suez Canal blockage/BREXIT
3. Just-in-case” as against “Just-in-time” as a concept

15:42- 15:55: Audience reaction and feedback.

15:25 - 1530: Closing remarks by Mr. Niraj Khinvasara, Chief Innovation Officer - International Trade Network & Events, World Trade Centre (WTC) Pune.