WTCPE in Partnership with EAGLE Advisory Partners

Oct 20, 2016


PESCARA, ITALY - The fact that Italy and Albania are stable business partners is well-known. The interchanging of relations is constantly growing. It is confirmed by statistics and reports on direct and indirect investments drawn from both countries, as well as by third parties and institutions as well as independent bodies. 

Since 2012, about 40% of Albania's trade with foreign countries for Italy, which remains its main trade partner. These premises have been the foundation of the new partnership established between WTC Pescara and Eagle Advisory Partners, a professional consulting firm, based in the heart of Tirana, which assists companies in their growth and development courses in one of the most rapidly developing countries in Eastern Europe in Albania.

 Small and medium-sized Italian companies will have the opportunity to be assisted by the WTC-PE on the Albanian market in the following services: business advice, and tax; business consulting and management control; consultancy in the internationalization and relocation of businesses; consultancy in projects funded by the European Union; strategic consulting Communication & Marketing.In photo: Bruna Mocka (WTCPE Executive Director), Daniele Grillo (Ceo Eagle A.P.)

by Andrea Vitale

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