Past Events

  • Cross-Border Business Development - Join us, and learn about the evolving relationships between the business and educational communities of Palm Beach U.S.A. and the Kingdom of Bahrain. EVENT TOPICS WILL INCLUDE: Business, Investment and Finance Opportunities
 Free Trade Agreement
 Immigration and Tax La... more

  • Doing Business With English-Speaking Countries - Doing Business With Another English-Speaking Country; Pitfalls & Solutions PART ONE: the U.S. and the U.K. People do what they consider right (values), based on what they believe is true (beliefs), using familiar actions (behavior and communication style) and thought... more

  • Preventing Document Leaks Before It's To Late - WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Individuals and Business Owners. All digital Publishers, if you have Intellectual Property to keep safe, if you work in an industry that requires Security and Compliance, this includes the Medical Field, if you are involved in Financial, Legal, and Confident... more

  • Benefits of Diverse Teams and How to Manage Them - Presenter Renata Urban will provide background information and research on diverse teams and why diversity is beneficial, she will talk about the role of the individual and the group in a team, what managers of diverse teams can do to achieve team cohesion and efficiency, and ... more

  • Doing Business In Germany And Communicating . . . - Doing Business In Germany And Communicating Successfully With Germans Renata Urban is a language teacher, intercultural coach, and communication skills trainer, she helps people communicate successfully in their own language, in a foreign language, and across cultures. Bein... more