Past Events

  • World Trade Center Orlando Consulting - World Trade Center Orlando has 3 offerings - 1. SMART Communities 2. Finding global trading partners 3. International Management Consulting more

  • WTC Orlando Promotes CoreChair - We at World Trade Center Orlando have signed an agreement with CoreChair to “promote awareness and interest in the CoreChair Product”. It is designed to be the healthiest chair in the world. I am sitting in a CoreChair as I write this and it is the best office chair by far th... more

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Sales Training Workshop - Virtual Instructor-Led Sales Training Workshop One of best global Sales Training Workshops now online. Ronald Mathis says: "When selling becomes a procedure, it ceases to be a problem. If selling is not a procedure it will always be a problem. Track Selling is a winner, a fie... more

  • Revenue Opportunity for WTCs Improve Sales Results - Revenue Opportunity for other WTCs. We at WTC Orlando will pay a minimum of $1000 US) for every client another WTC finds for us, if the client actually signs with us and goes through the following Sales training with us. Feel free to share the following with those whom you thi... more

  • Hire Stronger Sales People by Using Science - HOSTED BY SALES EXPERT DAVE KURLANFounder and CEO of Objective Management Group Dave’s predictive analytics is based upon 2 million sales professionals and has been awarded the #1 sales assessment 9 years in a row by Top Sales World. Dave will lead you through a compelling 45... more