The TSSC Visit to WTC Noida

Nov 19, 2018

WTC Noida was delighted to host the Telecom Sector Skills Council (TSSC) of India, a Semi Government body under the aegis of the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC). It was in support of the Mobile Open Exchange initiative of the WTC Noida.

The Mobile Open Exchange or the MOX, which was also recognized and launched by the Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, is the formation of the biggest Mobile and Electronics cluster in India. It brings together the presence of all industries, ancillary to the Electronics and Mobile manufacturing.

The visit made by the TSSC was in wake of the Center of Excellence being initiated at WTC Noida. The ESDM Industry in India is faced with the requirement of skilled and semi-skilled labor, which in turn further needs to be groomed for specific assembly lines of the respective manufacturers. This Center of Excellence will aim to groom existing manpower and create new Skilled manpower for the industry players under ESDM, closing the gap between demand and supply.

TSSC is an ideal prospect for a partner on this front. Their core expertise on Skilling and the Domain of Telecom, both put together make an excellent combination for the purpose at hand.