Oman to have its First World Trade Centre

Mar 01, 2016

MUSCAT, OMAN - Reported by "Times of Oman"

Muscat: Oman will now have its first World Trade Centre where it will host companies and services under one umbrella.

Al Jarwani Group with Tamani Global for development and investment, has successfully acquired exclusive World Trade Centre (WTC) Licence to execute the first WTC in the Sultanate of Oman - WTC Muscat.

The official signing ceremony will be held in February in the presence of representatives from WTC association.

WTC Muscat will be the first of its kind in Oman.

"We are quite confident that the WTC concept is an extremely unique one and is an absolute necessity which will cater to the specific needs of investors, local government authorities, private holding companies and the general public at large. Since Oman doesn't have a World Trade Centre, we will be the first to offer the integrated services, which will reshape the whole scenario of Muscat. We intend to provide services under 8 broad categories and incorporate in the proposed WTC Muscat," a statement from the company said.

As economic development platforms, WTCs raise the international profile of a city or region. They represent a global network of active and planned locations in 330+ cities in 100 countries that work to create competitive advantage for businesses conducting international trade.

The WTC brand is known around the world and, after 42 years, the WTCA is committed to building the value and effectiveness of that brand for the hundreds of communities and thousands of internationally active businesses that have benefitted from the power of this unique and growing icon of international trade.

The initial concept of the building is designed to reflect a sign of originality inspired by the heritage and nature of Oman, where the adoption of the shape of the Omani khanjar as the main shape for the building exteriored by spaced out stepped flooring inspired by the agricultural steps available in Jabal Al Akdhar.

The design of the building represents the strength and the stability of the business sector in the Sultanate.

PHOTO: Credit Times of Oman

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