Workshop on ‘Mindset and Performance Mastery'

Mar 10, 2021

With the objective of encouraging the right mindset to address day-to-day work-life challenges, among women entrepreneurs, MVIRDC World Trade Center Mumbai organized a virtual workshop on ‘Mindset and Performance Mastery ‘on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Meghana Dikshit, Founder and Director, De Mantraa. Dr. Dikshit is an Author, Trainer and a Life Turnaround Coach. Dr. Dikshit said she empowers people with her five-step proven formula that rewires their brain to stop procrastinating and take massive action; so that they can attract more money, have better relationships, good health and freedom of time.

Dr. Dikshit said most people underutilize their potential, spend less time with themselves, have relationship issues that hurt them, carry past baggage of failures, regrets and traumas, and feel tired and fatigued. They hold on to past experiences and expectations, which act as an automatic cutoff point in their brains, and limit their speed of making progress.

She suggested happiness and success are an accumulation of experiences in every sphere of our life. The way we behave at any given time is what shapes up our attitude to behave every time. The biggest joy comes from sharing, and we should always try to enhance our sphere of operations, not shrink it.

Speaking about women empowerment, Dr. Dikshit said, women need gender-harmony. They should reflect on their past mental and emotional conditionings, and try to break them. They should channelize their emotions in the right direction, and strive to become life-long learners in order to make progress in their lives.

She explained that the main resistance to learning comes from our mental constructs that we do not have enough time, money, opportunities, knowledge etc. We should nip this attitude in the bud and try to break the glass ceiling existing in our minds.

Ms. Rupa Naik, Senior Director, MVIRDC World Trade Center Mumbai encouraged women to keep improving themselves in every sphere of their operations and bring the necessary change in their mindsets to become successful.

The workshop was attended by women entrepreneurs, working women professionals and students.