WIPO Expert Explores Avenues for Cooperation

Mar 12, 2018


World Trade Centre Mumbai had an interactive meeting with Mr. John Sandage, Deputy Director General, PCT Legal and International Affairs Department, Patents and Technology Sector, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva. The meeting was very fruitful and will set a new direction toward future collaboration between World Trade Centre Mumbai and World Intellectual Property Organization in promoting the essence of Intellectual Property among trade and business in this region.

With India’s rapid advancement in the fields of technology and innovation, trade and industry is gearing itself to meet the growing needs of the emerging industry and economic environment. With a view to support India’s ongoing journey toward the new economy, WTC Mumbai through its activities and services assists trade and industry to effectively adapt to the technology-driven business environment. Patents, Trade Marks, Copy Rights, Designs, Geographical Indications are important components of intellectual property rights and these foster innovation and drive today’s global business. In order to build an innovative society, businesses need to become active partners and contribute to the emerging ecosystem with their innovative ideas and practices built upon the foundation of intellectual property. Businesses need to know the various treaties and conventions administered by WIPO, which are the bedrock of the entire system of intellectual property.

World Trade Centre Mumbai is expanding the scope of its activities in tandem with the needs of the emerging technology-driven economy and IP awareness building through education and training will be strongly integrated in the future work programme of the Centre.

The WTC Mumbai representatives who attended the meeting were Mr. Vijay Kalantri, Vice Chairman, MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai, Mr. Y. R. Warerkar, Executive Director, MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai; and Ms Debjani Chowdhury, Advisor, MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai.

In Photo – Mr. Vijay Kalantri (right) exchanging greetings with Mr. John Sandage (centre). Also present is Mr. Y. R. Warerkar, Executive Director, MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai.