Mentorship WTC Monterrey

Aug 05, 2016


Starting March 2016, we began a free pilot program for MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) that had over 2 years of operations and were looking for growing opportunities in their companies. This program is done alongside Banregio's NEXOBanregio platform.

"PROGRAM": Mentoría NEXOBanregio + UANL's World Trade Center Monterrey focuses in giving free consultancy in different areas (administration, operations, human resources, sales. finances, among others) in order to enhance the company and increase their economic impact. Along with monthly events of Speed Mentoring and Networking, where we gather all of the participant companies and they can receive consultancy from all of our mentors.

As of today, there's already over 200 companies in the program currently receiving this benefit.

How does it work?
The program is funded by Banregio, making it completely free of charge for the MSMEs. Once the company is interested they are given work appointments and all the activities following the Small Business Development Center's model are logged in the NEOSERRA platform.


NEXOBanregio is a platform by Banregio that began with the purpose of helping companies and entrepreneurs on their way to success; we do this through 3 different approaches: mentorship, knowledge and community.

In Mentorship we're looking to have the companies, one by one, receive personalized counsel with a mentor that will work with them on their areas of opportunities and generate economic impact.

In Knowledge, we inspire entrepreneurs and help them develop abilities through valuable activities such as lectures, workshops, conferences and our Youtube program #NEXOResponde.

In Community, we create spaces that will help them connect, and grow. The biggest one of them is Conexión Crédito, where in a single day and a single place they can acquire a credit for their business, as well as finding conferences with personalities in the field of enterprising.

Looking to Re-Humanize the banking industry through these initiatives. #conectarycrecer