Mentorship Program: A Successful Outlook

Nov 25, 2016


MONTERREY, MEXICO - After a long process of Mentorship program’s planning & development, the first year of activities had its closure. 

This program was developed to help and see for the MSMEs in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and with them for the future of the Nuevo Leon’s economy, started operations on March 7th 2016 and concluded on November 23rd 2016, with very satisfactory results for the MSMEs that participated in the program, including new jobs created and a huge raise in sales. 

With a closing event that took place in NEXOBanregio’s offices located in Plaza Nuevo Sur, in Monterrey, the MSMEs and their Mentors were recognized for all the efforts, teamwork, and the activities that they did to obtain the great results for their companies. 

This program was possible thanks to the fact that two organizations, NEXOBanregio and World Trade Center Monterrey UANL, worked together successfully with the main objective of helping the MSMEs.

With an outstanding participation from Banregio’s CEO, Manuel Rivero Zambrano, and WTC Monterrey’s Director, Eugenio Reyes Guzmán, that encouraged and motivated the participants of this program to keep the hard work and continue the good changes that made in their companies thanks to the mentoring received. 

Preparing 2017 Goals

This year all the efforts where reflected on the results, showing that two hundred of MSMEs were benefited by this program. Next year, the improving expectations are going to increase, and with them some achieving goals are going to arise, increasing the quality, efficiency, results and expectations for this program.

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