Jun 25, 2015

MILAN, ITALY - A workshop on urban regeneration was held on 24th June at WTC Milan. The event was organised by the World Trade Center Milan, the World Trade Centers Lille and Lille Arras and the International Chamber of Commerce of Lille with the participation of 27 delegates from the Chamber of Commerce of Northern France , Métropole Européenne de Lille and Eurométropole .

The speeches were on the policies for the reuse of spaces started by the Municipality of Milan; new scenario of urban regeneration and the related innovations in design activity in Milan with examples of urban reuse (a dismissed industrial area in Milan reconverted as integrated social housing village and an unused historical villa in Desio reactivated as cultural hub); transforming ways of living at a territory-scale projects produced by the third industrial revolution in the region of Lille; development process from office complex to a mixed-use complex to a future district in Southern Milan area (Milanofiori); proposal for an international competition for architects under 35 as exportable model for designing the reuse of dismissed buildings.

The speakers were Mr. Salvatore Caschetto (Municipality of Milan), Paolo Cottino and Gianluca Nardone (KCITY urban regeneration), Luigi Pezzoli and Giordano Tavelli (Brioschi Sviluppo Immobiliare) Mr. Ledoux (Métropole Européenne de Lille) and Mr. Roberto Franzosi (Rotarian Architects Association Milano Metropolitana)

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