Live Wine International Fair of Artisanal wine

Once again this year WTC Milano is partner of LIVE WINE 2016,
The International Fair of Artisanal Wine

Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th and Monday 7th March the event that is set to become the key appointment of the year dedicated to Italian and International artisanal wines
is back.
Together with “Vini di Vignaioli” Fornovo and AIS Lombardia, more than 100 producers coming from all over Italy and beyond present their wines for tasting.
After the astonishingly successful the first edition of 2015, LIVE WINE returns to Palazzo del Ghiaccio - a Liberty style building opened in 1923 located at Frigoriferi Milanesi complex, WTC Milan headquarters - with a programme richer than ever to fully experience the increasingly more appreciated world of high quality artisanal natural wine.
The selected estates are small to medium sized and produce wines free from additives, with organic, biodynamic or natural farming. Sulphites, if added, are present in very small dosages. The result is authentic wine, the best possible expression of a terroir, a vintage and the loving labour of the producer.
During Live Wine 2016 visitors can participate in workshops and tastings led by Samuel Cogliati, French-Italian publisher and educator.
Friday 4th to Sunday 6th in selected wine stores, restaurants and other venues in town, there is a unique chance to get closer to the wines and their terroirs in the company of the producers and live music.

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