• Chinese TV pays visit to World Trade Center Lyon - LYON, FRANCE - On June 28, 2016, the World Trade Center Lyon enjoyed the visit of a Chinese TV crew from the Zhejiang Province for an interview given by Clément Charlieu (Chief of Operations Officer) to discuss the ongoing economic relations between Lyon and China. The 2016 G2... more

  • Big Success for the Night at the Museum! - LYON, FRANCE - We had already evoked -  in an article posted on a previous WTCA Newsletter -, the Business night we were planning on June 15th, 2016, at the Museum of Confluences. Organized in partnership with HSBC and under the patronage of the Metropolis of Lyon, and th... more

  • More services in our Business Club – WTC Lyon - LYON, FRANCE - Rebuilt at the beginning of the year 2015 and including new companies as members, the World Trade Center Lyon Business Club has been thought as an asset able to provide, among others, its customers with efficient services that may greatly help in making business... more

  • Innovations Exchange at the GA ’16 in Algiers - LYON, FRANCE - The 2016 General Assembly was greatly organized by our hosts, World Trade Center Algiers, with the constant help of the whole World Trade Centers Association staff. World Trade Center Lyon was extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to introduce its inn... more

  • Networking goes on & on at World Trade Center Lyon - LYON, FRANCE - Our business members are getting luckier and luckier: from 3 Networking events organized in 2015, when our Business Club was newly-branded and launched with a new formula, they get now invited to 8 different dates throughout this year 2016. Therefore, after th... more

  • Breakfast Time! at and by World Trade Center Lyon - LYON, FRANCE - The World Trade Center Lyon aims to organize more and more events for its customers. We consider networking as a real added value to enhance the possibilities of making good business and strengthten the links between the members of our business community. Hence... more

  • Vice-President of WTC Lyon pays visit in Boston - LYON, FRANCE - The Vice-President of World Trade Center Lyon, Mr Didier CAUDARD-BREILLE, was hosted at World Trade Center Boston by Mrs Maureen PACE and Mr Lucas DILEO, on February 10th, 2016. VP Didier CAUDARD-BREILLE took the opportuniy of being part of a Lyon's delegation ... more

  • Mariette Mulaire (WTC Winnipeg) pays visit in Lyon - LYON, FRANCE - More than three months ahead of the big fair Centrallia, held in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada), from May 17th to 20th, 2016, the CEO of the local World Trade Center, Mrs Mariette MULAIRE, has started touring the World in order to recruit companies and delegations ... more


  • All the Best to you all, in 2016! - LYON, FRANCE - The World Trade Center Lyon has succeeded in many of its objectives and targets in 2015: the work offices in our Business Center are all occupied, with almost half of the companies coming from abroad; our Business Club has gathered more than 140 companies; more ... more

  • Lyon's Festival of Lights - LYON, FRANCE - December is here, and while most of France is looking forward to Christmas celebrations, the people of Lyon have yet another big event in mind: the Festival of Lights. Lyon's Festival of Lights, "la Fête des Lumières" is a continuation of a histo... more