WTC Lyon: How Big Groups Help SME’s to Grow Global

Jun 30, 2017


LYON, FRANCE - World Trade Center Lyon held on June, 27th a networking event on the evening, dedicated to its members and to people involved in business with foreign countries. This time, a conference was organized with keynote speakers from big French corporations: Veolia and Engie.

More than 40 people attended the conference where our guests described a new dispositive: through the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and the Metropolis of Lyon, big groups are now keen to help boosting global business to small enterprises, which may benefit from the direct help of these corporations.

Veolia and Engie stand as two significant examples – among others, such as Total, EDF and many more…, and our speakers really demonstrated their belief in the interests of sharing these best practices: small firms come under the strength, protection and material or human resources of bigger companies, and these latter may “sponsor” flexible but fragile enterprises, and also integrate their innovations – sometimes they may even consider buy the company and make it a direct subsidiary of the group!

The final goal of this whole process is definitely to conquer new markets abroad, and to allow every kind of company to fancy a piece – little or large – of the global business cake.

We, at World Trade Center Lyon, really value the fact that people from very various companies meet and share their opinions and experiences. We also know our Business members enjoy this kind of events, and we keep offering them the opportunity to listen to relevant speakers dealing with topics that matter.

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