Successful Breakfast Time! About Iran This Month

May 19, 2017


LYON, FRANCE - In our yearly cycle of five Breakfast Time! planned all year-round, this second date planned on May 12th marked a significant new step ahead, as World Trade Center Lyon partnered with one of the main French companies’ syndicate, the CPME, to open new network opportunities to its customers.

Besides, the topic which was tackled, “Opportunities and leverages for French companies in and with Iran”, arguably had it all to attract the interests of our Business members. With the help of CPME, this event brought together more than 60 people, almost twice more than an usual Breakfast Time!

For this special occasion, relevant speakers were selected: the co-founders of Iranian Partner, MM. ELAHI and RASHIDPOUR, both French people with Iranian origins – their parents were born and grown-up in Iran. Our speakers invited around them, to help completing their presentation, a French-Iranian trading expert, and two lawyers who have been in business with Middle-East for decades.

As a consequence, our Members were thrilled and gave us very positive feedbacks, following this event. This really encourages World Trade Center Lyon to keep partnering and offering new opportunities to expand its networks.

Next date is planned on July 7th, for our third Breakfast Time! of the year 2017.