5 million Brazilian companies landed in Lisbon

May 18, 2023

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On April 24, 2023, WTC Lisboa announced a partnership with the Brazilian National Confederation of the Commerce of Goods, Services, and Tourism (CNC) at the inauguration of that Brazilian entity's international representation in Portugal, as a member of WTC Lisboa Business Club.

CNC is formed by 34 federations that together represent around 5 million companies - 75% of the Brazilian GDP -, which generates 25.5 million direct and formal jobs in the country.

WTC Lisboa Vice President José Magro welcomed CNC and reinforced "This is the time for businessmen to act to achieve the potential of economic relations between the two countries. Which will surely be accelerated with the agreement between the European Union and Mercosur".

Their presence in WTC Lisboa is the gateway that CNC opens to entrepreneurs bringing Brazilian goods, services, and tourism to Europe and the world. “The choice of the WTC network was strategic and will enable the integration of the Confederation, their members and partners, and businessmen to one of the world's largest business and investment platforms”, pointed out CNC president José Roberto Tadros.

This partnership objective is to strengthen and expand alliances with European countries. In consequence, business missions will be carried out periodically to that continent. Furthermore, as a member of the WTC Lisboa Business Club, CNC will be able to take advantage of the resources made available by the network in 323 buildings in 92 countries. “This greatly expands the possibilities for us to move forward in the construction of new businesses and commercial agreements”, concluded the president of the Confederation.

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