Perspective in Current International Finance

Jun 18, 2018


More than 60 external and internal guests participated in the conference "Perspective in Current International Finance”, organized on June 07, 2018 in the Peruvian capital of Lima by the World Trade Center Lima in conjunction with Renta 4 Bank, and USIL International Business School.

The conference was opened at San Ignacio de Loyola University by Christian Donayre, Academic Director of the International School of the San Ignacio de Loyola University.
The presentation of the conference: Perspectives of International Finance was given by Mr. Juan Carlos Ureta, Executive President of Renta 4 Banco. During his presentation, he talked about the strength of the world economy in the "Minsky Moments", and the current economic growth. In addition, he spoke about the importance of the emerging middle classes in the economy in a new digital and global standard, underlining the opportunity that Peru has in this transformation and explained the role of the financial markets as an engine of transformation and economic strengthening.

During his speech, he also spoke about Renta 4 investment model and its role with respect to financial markets in the modernization of the Spanish economy. Before finalizing his presentation, he instructed the audience about the capitalization in Latin America, and the commercial relations with Europe.

As conclusions, Juan Carlos Ureta told us that "we are witnessing a process of wealth creation unprecedented in the history of the humanity", besides that "no generation has lived what our generation and our children's lives are experiencing, the depth and the globalism with which it is happening now.” However, "the risk is that the wealth is poorly distributed and that it is too concentrated which will be socially unacceptable and economically inefficient", Because of these, he pointed that "investment and education will have a lot to say with regards to which set of values we will privilege: The values of the 21st century or those from the past that preclude progress". He left us as a final message that if we want this process to be successful, we must" ensure that this wealth is distributed in a way that is sustainable".

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