WTC Lille and WTC Brussels sign MOU

Sep 16, 2015

LILLE, FRANCE - The Lille and Brussels regions, geographically close, share numerous points in common, as much on the economic front as on the industrial one. Thus the development of closer ties between the World Trade Center Lille and Lille-Arras and the World Trade Center Brussels seemed quite natural.

Last September 8 at the general assembly of the World Trade Center Lille, P. Van Den Schriek, Chairman of the World Trade Center Lille and Lille-Arras, and Anders Berner CEO of WTC Brussels, signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of developing joint projects in the growing sectors of activity in their respective regions, such as environmental problems and digitalization.

In addition synergies are predicted in the development of joint marketing tools, and exchanges between members will be given priority in order to develop cross-border networks.

With regard to the worldwide network of World Trade Centers, the WTC Brussels and Lille & Lille- Arras would like to collaborate more closely on major international events such as the Rencontres Industrielles de Namur (Belgium) or Centralia which will take place in Winnipeg in 2016.

This agreement is only a first step for WTC Lille & Lille-Arras, which hopes to strengthen links with the other members of the World Trade Centre network. Projects are currently under discussion with the WTCs of Winnipeg, Milan and Leeuwarden.

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