WTC Leeuwarden Opens Int'l Consulting Hours

Jun 22, 2017


LEEUWARDEN, NETHERLANDS - World Trade Center Leeuwarden started with their first free of charge consulting hours for entrepreneurs with international ambitions in Groningen on Friday the 19th of May.

The councilors Henk Deinum (Municipally of Leeuwarden) and Joost van Keulen (Municipally of Groningen) have opened the consultation hours at the International Welcome Center North.

Companies that are looking for internationalization issues or wanting to be supported with export can now attend the office hours in Groningen. These consulation hours will also be held in the province of Friesland and Drenthe. WTC Leeuwarden fulfills the demand and is flexible.

In conversations of 45 minutes with a WTC Trade Associate / WTC Coach, the question is discussed and looked at how the company can be further helped. This may mean that the company is redirected to specific organizations or that a company can use various tools that WTC Leeuwarden provides.

The international consultation hours are a nice outcome of the economic cooperation between the province of Groningen and the province of Friesland. WTC Leeuwarden, located in the capital of the province of Friesland wants to support the Northern companies that wish to operate in an international market. The consulting hours are carried out by coaches connected to WTC Leeuwarden. These are experienced exporters from the region.