Company visit to Wifo-Anema

Apr 14, 2017


LEEUWARDEN, NETHERLANDS - On April 6, the doors of the company Wifo-Anema were opened for our 25 members and guests, including the mayor of Ferwerderadiel. We were warmly welcomed by Wytze Anema and Marco Holwerda in the North Frisian town Ferwert.

More than half a century of history
For 50 years, the family business of WIFO-Anema BV, situated in Ferwert in the northern part of the province of Friesland, has been operating in the field of development and production of machines for the agricultural and industrial sector. In 1961 the company was set up by Wijtse Anema and his son Fokke, using the business name of Machinefabriek Anema BV. After many successful - but also less successful - innovations, the rear loader was launched in 1963. The invention came at the right time, and many rear loaders found their way to agricultural users. Following this success, investments were made in manpower and machinery, and the company gradually developed into a fully operational engineering factory producing a large range of machines. Eventually the name was changed to WIFO-Anema BV, WIFO being a combination of the first two letters of the founders first names. The company expanded to Florida and Canada, till the deadly car accident of Wijtse.  In 2009, Wytze Fokke (third generation) took over business of WIFO.

WIFO in 2017
At this point in time the company employs some 35 passionate staff who are looking after the entire production process, from the design to the final assembly. By looking after the entire production process themselves, they are able to respond quickly and easily to any specific demands the customers may have. By using high-quality production machines, such as CNC-controlled metal cutting machines, welding robots and computer-controlled cutters and angle benders, as well as skilled staff, the brand name of WIFO stands for quality and durability. The products are sold via a wide-spread dealer network all over Europe and extending to other parts of the world.

The WIFO-Anema BV range of products covers a large variety of machines for agricultural and industrial applications, such as box rotators, loading shovels, bale clamps, cultivators, slides and various other products.

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