Deputy Governor of Yunnan Province Gao Shuxun meets Senior Leaders of WTCA

Sep 07, 2013

On the afternoon of September 7, 2013, Deputy Governor of Yunnan Province Gao Shuxun, together with personnel of China Council for Promotion of International Trade Yunnan Sub-Council and the District Government met President of WTCA Ghazi Abu Nahl and Chief Executive Officer of WTCA Eric Dahl. Leaders of the provincial government affirmed the brand value and global influence of WTC, expected a lot from Kunming WTC and believed that once completed, Kunming WTC would be a landmark building of Kunming. Based on the present situation, leaders of WTCA gave their opinions on the future development orientation of Kunming WTC and later they would build a long-term effective cooperation mechanism with related functional departments of People’s Government of Yunnan Province to promote actively the development and prosperity of Kunming WTC. Gao Shuxun said, WTCA has more than 300 WTCs distributed in more than 100 countries. As a globalized trade organization, WTC is promoting the local economic and trade development of the world. In the Chinese mainland, there are more than 40 WTCs which are driving forward the development of local economy and the globalization of trade. Especially China World Trade Center, Taipei World Trade Center and Hong Kong World Trade Center, they have become the landmark buildings of their localities.
China-South Asia Expo and the 21st China Kunming Import and Export Fair was held in Kunming from June 6 to 10 this year, marking that Kunming, as a hub city facing South Asian and Southeast Asian regions would have greater influence on the economic and trade development of southwest China.
Presently, Kunming WTC is under construction. Later, it is hoped that WTCA can build a close and effective cooperation mechanism with Government of Yunnan Province, of Kunming City and the related functional departments to jointly promote the development of Kunming WTC.
Finally, Gao Shuxun invited leaders of WTCA to participate in the Second South Asia Expo which will be held in Kunming in 2014.
President of WTCA Ghazi Abu Nahl firstly thanked the leaders of People’s Government of Yunnan Province for their attendance. He said, WTC is a global comprehensive organization for trade and investment promotion. As is known to all, WTC was founded in the 1970s and now there are many WTCs in many countries. Right now we have established a favorable cooperation relationship with China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) and we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CIFIT Organizing Committee in 2011. In the future, we will promote the economic and trade development of Asia-Pacific region further and more broadly.
WTCA has a great interest in participating in the South Asia Expo to be held in Kunming, China in 2014, looks forward to the opportunity to know Kunming more completely and would like to provide any assistance via the platform of broad trade network. It is hoped that Kunming WTC can make full use of the platform and brand influence WTC offers as well as cooperate with WTC to promote mutual evaluation and accelerate substantially the economic and trade development throughout the globe.