WTC Gothenburg launch a brand new office floor

Oct 09, 2017

We are proud to announce that WTC Gothenburg has opened the doors to the latest expansion, the 7th floor at Korsvägen. A modern meeting place for you in your daily business life. Is an inspiring workplace with a great focus on meetings and high-quality services.

"We know from experience that meetings between people create new business opportunities. At WTC Gothenburg, 200 companies are represented at three floors. Now we made it easier for them to work together and run successful companies, where the meeting is a key factor, says Mia Meriläinen, Operational Manager at WTC Gothenburg.

The World Trade Center Gothenburg has been in the house since 1989, now is the first time that such a large rebuilding of an entire floor plan has been completed. In addition to offices and meeting rooms you will also find reception, lounges, library, a children's section, and several telephone booths. The response has been fantastic from day one.