World Trade Center Gothenburg 25 Year Anniversary

Dec 02, 2014

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - Swedish business community embraced the World Trade Center Gothenburg and more than a hundred guests attended the evening's 25th anniversary. Red carpet was rolled out and the evening started with interesting lectures of Sweden's elite in business and ended with good food and drink mixed with networking.

World Trade Center Gothenburg has had a fascinating journey during the last 25 years, with ideas, entrepreneurship and expansion, but mainly lots of meetings with different people. 

Eva Hyllstam can look back on 25 years as a driving force, owner and CEO of the World Trade Center Gothenburg, but she would rather look ahead. In 2014 the business at WTC Gothenburg is increasingly about networking and relationship building. Many companies have the World Trade Center as their base and take advantage of meeting rooms and conference facilities.

"If the typical tenant ten years ago was an older gentleman in a suit, we see now more a mix of people and companies," says Eva. "It brings together companies in established industries such as law firms and travel agencies with new hungry entrepreneurs"

World Trade Center Gothenburg is a place of constant change and development. Businesses starting, growing and expanding in a flow of ideas. Small companies who started their career at WTC Gothenburg have achieved success through hard work and continued out to a global market. WTC Gothenburg consciously focus on networking in various forms. It is interspersed with well-attended business meetings, breakfast seminars, opening and lectures. It is always a flow of people in the house, even in the evenings.

Mia Meriläinen, COO, have worked side by side with Eva Hyllstam since 2008. She explains:

"It is something of a mini world at World Trade Center Gothenburg. Entrepreneurship contains so much, both joys and misfortunes. Our role is to be there, to help our tenants and help them to become successful businesses. It's what makes this job so exciting "

World Trade Center Gothenburg will continue to expand and invest further in global networking in all its forms. It wants to see more businesses to grow, in Gothenburg as well as in the rest of Sweden.

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