WTC GIFT City lends helping hand to its workers

Apr 23, 2020

The globally renowned brand WTC GIFT City announced support to its workers and assured them to take care of their well-being.

Gujarat government announced that migrant laborers would not be allowed to travel back to their hometown during the lockdown period and would be provided food and accommodation.

"The country is facing challenging times, and in such a situation, WTC GIFT City stands with the community they work with. Ensuring safe accommodations for these workers, the company has created isolated shelter huts at the site. The company is also facilitating food and medical assistance to all workers present at the site of WTC GIFT City."

Being a responsible corporate, WTC GIFT City has also created an emergency 'Cover-19 Fund' in response to any contingencies that may emerge.

We are creating awareness on social distancing amongst the workers. The sanitization processes along with all necessary precautions are also being followed diligently at the site area.