Edmonton Chamber Supports Report on Regional Coope

Jun 13, 2016

EDMONTON, CANADA - The Advisory Panel on Metro Edmonton’s Future released its report, Be Ready, Or Be Left Behind, on Friday, June 10. The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce supports the Panel’s work and candid direction on how to improve the Edmonton region’s competitive position globally.

“We need to stop competing within the region and start competing AS a region,” said President & CEO, Janet Riopel. “If we don’t work together, global markets will simply pass us by.”

The Chamber was pleased to see the region’s mayors responding to the report with a sense of urgency.

“The Edmonton Chamber has been a long-time and very engaged advocate of better regional governance and cooperation,” said Riopel, a former member of the Capital Region Board’s Economic Development Steering Committee. “The Panel’s report is a strong and positive signal that the region’s municipalities are truly coming together now to work for the collective good of all.”

The 12-member Advisory Panel on Metro Edmonton’s Future was made up of a cross-section of regional business and community leaders including Edmonton lawyer and Past Chair of both the Alberta Chambers of Commerce and the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, Carman McNary, who served as the Panel’s Vice-Chair.

The Panel’s recommendations focused on three key areas:

  • Economic development;
  • Public transit; and
  • Land use and infrastructure planning.

The Edmonton Chamber agrees with the Panel that these three general areas are foundations for strengthening the region’s competitive position and are vital to developing the Greater Edmonton area into an integrated region that competes successfully on a global level.

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Sheila Keenan

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