Chamber Calls on Bus. to Join Tax Changes Protest

Sep 20, 2017


Edmonton Chamber Calls On Local Businesses To Join National Protest On Tax Changes

September 20, 2017

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is urging the business community to speak up and share their perspectives on the federal government’s tax proposals.

“The message from our members has been clear: the federal government should be focused on making it easier for small businesses to succeed, not more difficult. It’s our job to ensure that Ottawa hears the concerns of Edmonton businesses loud and clear. We’re asking businesspeople to join the conversation, share your perspectives with us and make your voice heard.”
Janet Riopel, President & CEO, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

“As a small business owner, I risked my savings and future earnings to start my consulting firm. The majority of small business owners like me fund their growth by reinvesting their after-tax income back into their companies. Growth in good jobs and the overall economy is largely fueled by entrepreneurs growing their small businesses. The proposed changes will stunt the growth of companies like mine and effectively shoot the Canadian economy in the foot.”
Lindsay Dodd, Director, Doddcor Ltd.
Six years in business, 25 employees

“I’ve worked hard and taken many risks over the past five years to get my business to the point where it’s profitable. Now I see my journey is about to get harder as the few tax strategies I have available as a small business owner will be taken away. Small business owners are the innovators, the game-changers, the ones bringing new and exciting ideas to market. Help us so we can continue to drive the economy forward.”
Chad Mielke, Owner and CEO, Peace Power Corporation
Five years in business, two employees
Peace Power is an electricity and natural gas energy marketer operating throughout Alberta

“The federal government claims these changes target the wealthy, but they will be hurting middle-class businesspeople in the process. Many small business owners may not be able to sell their business to fund their retirement, and they don’t get a pension. Once they retire, their business disappears with them. These tax changes will have negative consequences for the small businesspeople who work passionately towards their dream.”
Dawn Harsch, Owner, Exquisicare
Five years in business, 35 employees
Exquisicare provides assisted living, long-term care and home care to seniors

The business community can share their feedback online and by using the hashtag #unfairtaxchanges on social media. The Edmonton Chamber will gather and present this feedback directly to the federal government.

“This conversation will continue. The federal government must understand the harmful impacts of their proposed tax changes,” said Janet Riopel, President & CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.


The federal government has proposed changes to tax structures which will impact many Canadian-controlled private corporations. These changes were announced in July 2017, and consultations on these proposals will end on October 2nd, 2017.

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