Cannabis Legalization Should Include Focus on Work

Apr 13, 2017


EDMONTON CANADA - Today, the federal government tabled two bills that will legalize recreational cannabis by July 2018. The Edmonton Chamber is continuing its call for lawmakers to pay close attention to the workplace safety issues that will arise with legalization.

The federal government’s legislation included a focus on road safety, but did not address workplace safety.

“We now know the federal government is developing new tools to crack down on drug-impaired drivers,” said Janet Riopel, President and CEO of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. “If these tools are reliable enough to convict someone of impaired driving, we would expect that they would be reliable enough to ensure that workers in safety-sensitive roles are not impaired on the job.”

The federal government, the provinces, and business will all need to work closely together to ensure that workplace safety concerns are addressed.

“The Chamber will ensure we are a strong and ardent advocate for the concerns of employers,” said Riopel. “We will work closely with the provincial and federal governments to maximize the economic benefits of legalization and minimize the risks."

For more information, read our policy position, Addressing the Impacts of Marijuana Legalization on Workplace Safety.

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