Feb 26, 2021


Originally founded in 2018 – the trusTEA team set off to introduce and develop the highest quality herbal and specialty teas on the island in their purest, unprocessed, organic form: loose-leaf tea.

Since its establishment, the growth of the trusTEA brand has been inspired by Goran's travel narratives contained within the contemporary recipes of their best health-boosting teas. Among the most influential narratives, the recipe for Four Thieves Tea, a popularized folkloric remedy thought to protect against the medieval bubonic plague back in the mid-1300s. Originating in France, the Four Thieves Tea legend depicts a story of thieves who looted off the dead bodies of those who fell victim to the black death. Rational would lead one to think that the thieves would catch the disease themselves, but their discovery of an elixir against the plague managed to protect them. Accused of witchcraft, the thieves were caught and sentenced to a slow-burning death. Still, they were offered to reveal their mysterious recipe in exchange for a quicker hanging. Since, people have created elixirs, vinegars, and essential oils with their own modifications to the recipe. However, it is believed that Jean Valnet, 20th-century aroma therapist and herbalist, is said to have the recipe that most closely reflects the one created in the mid-1300s. His recipe called for vinegar, wormwood, meadowsweet, juniper, marjoram, sage, cloves, horse heal, angelica, rosemary, horehound, and camphor. Read about the full Four Thieves story on the trusTEA website here.

Goran's own variation of the folkloric tale of Four Thieves Tea is a kind of kitchen magic and combination of woodsy sage, thyme, sweet lavender, and rosemary, creating a naturally caffeine-free immunity booster. As trusTEA grew, Goran and his team expanded their line to four main categories: black, green, herbal, and fruit tea, to accommodate all taste palates. In particular, to his brand, Goran was not looking to limit flavors within the bounds of the basic teas within these four categories but brought unexpected and indulging creations of loose-leaf tea blends.

Although creativity and innovation are trusTEA's strong suit, the classic black teas cannot be missing from any hot drink range. The deliciously healthy and silky line includes Earl Grey, Irish breakfast, Decaf Ceylon breakfast, and his most recent Blas na hEireann Irish Food Award 2020 bronze winner VANILLA BLACK TEA, the ‘Morning Delight' blend – a black tea with a kick: a bourbon vanilla taste.
The premium tea brand's herbal collection includes varieties of world-renowned teas popular in different areas of the world. These, in their most natural unprocessed form, include herbal brews of chamomile, peppermint, ginger and lemon, fennel, stinging nettle, rooibos with a blood orange taste, and Brazilian mate tea or, as known in South America, yerba mate. A drink new to Ireland but so popular to South America it has its own website. As described by trusTEA, mate tea was discovered by the Guaraní natives in the southern hemisphere who used the leaves for drinks, cults, and currencies. Today mate tea is still a hidden gem for avid tea drinkers as it is not present worldwide.

Similarly, Rooibos tea is native to South Africa. The 300-year-old rooibos, meaning "red bush," is a broom-like plant used to make what is popularly known as bush tea (in Southern Africa), red tea, or red bush tea as known in Great Britain.

But it doesn't stop there; Goran and his team bring to us the tastes of the world and the visions of how tea can be innovative but classic with its flavor twists. It is not every day one hears about trusTEAs most unique green tea blends. As trusTEA mentions, green tea is made of camellia sinensis leaves and buds that undergo different withering oxidation processes than the black and oolong teas. No stranger to variation of tastes, Goran was looking to mask green tea's acidic tart taste we are accustomed to while maintaining the essences and benefits associated with pure green tea. The result, strawberry and piña colada flavored teas! The sweet coconut and pineapple in piña colada and strawberries' summery taste placed this classic tea in a whole new visionary category. These unexpected fruity tastes are also present in trusTEAs fruit tea collection featuring cranberry, strawberry cream, and Great Taste 2019 winner, PINA COLADA FRUIT TEA out of 12,772 submissions from over 100 different countries.

It is the trusTEA mission to be "The One You Can Trust" as they curate the best, most innovative, and fun flavors but delivering them in their most natural and unprocessed form, as a natural whole and loose-leaf tea. If you wonder how best to drink these marvelous creations and discover more about their impressive immunological health benefits, please visit trusTEA under each category listed here.

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