Member Spotlight: Mor Irish Gin

Dec 22, 2020


A grandfather's legacy as a master distiller played a substantial role in the creation and inspiration of Mor Irish Gin, a global award-winning Irish spirit produced from the Arderin Distillery in Tullamore, County Offaly. Founder Eoin Bara credits solid roots, a strong ethos, and sheer fortitude as driving forces behind his high-end Irish gin's success, making it a standout beverage throughout the world.

Eoin often jokes that "we’re known as the second biggest distillery in Tullamore, well, because there's only two of us."

He worked for "too many" years in the constantly changing technology industry and decided; instead, he wanted to produce a product that would last the test of time. He took his passion, love of gin, and ingenuity (sprinkled with a little naivety) and started a new adventure in life. He went back to his family's history, creating an outstanding gin that will indeed be around for centuries to come.

Using all-natural ingredients, such as; blackberries, cranberries, and raspberries, allows this spirit to be instilled with unique flavors. Additionally, they use a unique processing technique, a four-part distillation that then can be blended together, giving control over the flavors.

Because the company works with natural ingredients and flavors, they change from season to season. Planning ahead is a requirement; procuring ingredients in advance and sometimes trying out of the box flavors, like their renowned pineapple gin "inspired by Ireland's tropical climate," Eoin jokes. Ultimately, by taking their time, using innovative techniques and pure determination makes them one of the best, in total, launching Mor Irish Gin as a standout amongst competitors.

A recent testament to both the company's integrity and ability to pivot in challenging times was evident within the Mor Irish Gin walls when the pandemic hit. They quickly changed their course of action and were making hand sanitizer for the Children's Hospital and other critical entities by March 2020. Becoming one of the first companies in Ireland to rise to the occasion and start producing this crucial product that helps save lives. Within two weeks, they were producing 80,000 bottles a week, fully licensed, legal, and compliant – a truly incredible feat.

Throughout this product, history flows from the gin itself to its packaging, which tells the story of the branding and showcases the incredible Irish landscape. The idea for the label was inspired by the fact that the Grand Canal starts in Dublin and runs all the way into the Shannon, in the middle is Tullamore, where the mountains rise above the town, providing an artery of trade, from Dublin all the way to the West. Originally, Eoin would drive up the hills to pump soft sandstone filtered water from the river, and it blend it into his gin. The label design and the actual glass bottle have postal marks, symbolic of this route used to send letters, join all the smaller towns together, allow communications, and connect family and friends to the world. Once you have enjoyed the gin, make sure to take a close look inside the empty bottle that is sure to become a keepsake when you discover a message where the blackberries come from – a lot of thought and pride went into this unique design.

Mor Irish Gin's next adventure is to grow its footprint further east. Eoin hopes to expand the company into the US and beyond; right now, you can find them throughout 15 countries, including the UK and Canada. "Irish spirits have a great reputation worldwide," Eoin explains, "we have won double gold medals in the US – currently the being named the fourth most popular gin, in this region." Another spirit they will be launching next year is whiskey, now in the final stages of production – exciting news for all current and soon to be fans of this wonderful Irish spirit. Mor Irish Gin is unstoppable – get ready to enjoy it together with your family this holiday season.

You can find out more by visiting their website: https://www.moririshgin.com/.