Fall 2015 Education Schedule Announced

Jul 27, 2015

DENVER, CO, USA - WTC Denver is dedicated to providing practical, real-world training in international business. Twice per year, fall and spring, we organize 12-15 classes on various aspects of international trade. Taught by award-winning instructors who have decades of experience in their own industries, our classes effectively teach the nuts and bolts of international trade. Topics include Incoterms, letters of credit, export/import documentation, compliance, strategy, marketing, sales, and supply chain. We are very pleased to announce that the schedule for our Fall 2015 classes is now available here. For those who can't attend in person, several of our classes are also available online here.

Many class attendees participate in our Certificate in International Trade program. By completing 48 hours of classes and attending our two major networking events, attendees learn how various careers within international business are conducted and make invaluable networking connections. More information is available here.

New this year to our educational offerings is a series dedicated to the IT industry. By partnering with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, we are designing and producing an educational series tailored for IT companies. The highlights of this series include protecting IP, digital marketing, tax implications of website sales, outsourcing, managing across cultures, cyber security, and maintaining connectivity around the globe. These courses will launch in Fall 2015. Click here for details.

Also new to our regular class programming is "Digital Marketing Strategies: How to Reach, Engage, and Convert New Audiences Online." This half-day class will teach how social media can support lead generation, PR, and customer service, how to leverage hyper-targeted online advertising campaigns to reach pre-qualified audiences, and how to measure marketing effectiveness with Google Analytics. In addition to this digital marketing class, we have also introduced a new supply chain class this year.

We welcome engagement and partnership with all of our educational programming.

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