WTC Kunming hosts Annual Work Conference (China)

Jun 16, 2014


CHANGZHOU, CHINA - At a splendid ceremony on 4th June 2014, World Trade Center Kunming celebrated the ‘Annual Work Conference (China)’ and a second session of ‘Management Training Courses’ for World Trade Centers. More than 50 World Trade Center Members participated in the event including Vice-President Mrs. Yingyan Xu; and Director of Development & Cooperation Department, Mrs. Lina Yang.

CEO Eric Dahl and Vice President, Asia Pacific Scott Wang summed up the work of WTCA over the past year and also introduced the association’s latest Chinese network platform to everyone. During the training seminar, World Trade Centers Taipei, Tianjin, and Chongqing shared their experiences around organizing member enterprises to exhibitions, convening commercial missions and enhancing brand investment.  All the participants conducted panel discussion about issues such as services, facilities, investment, digital platform etc.

Through this event, we also recognized new members of the World Trade Centers family: WTC Yancheng and WTC Anyang. In these four days, we shared experiences, communicated best practices and truly felt the strength of the WTCA network. 

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