Alianza del Pacífico facilitará trámites Mipymes

Jul 05, 2019

They signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create Network Technology Platforms

In order to facilitate and simplify procedures for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, the Ministers of Trade and Economy of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create Network Platforms technology.

Reduce the time and costs of mandatory procedures and modernize public administration in its dealings with the company, several of the points referred to the creation of this network.

Jose Manuel Restrepo, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, said that "we want to move in a more entrepreneurial Pacific Alliance, give more strength to entrepreneurs and SMEs. They are the ones that generate the most jobs in our region and therefore must play an even greater role in this integration bloc. I therefore welcome the signing of this Memorandum. "

Also Restrepo called to strengthen trade within the Alliance bloc tap markets and build true global value chains. He also proposed to increase its competitiveness and create synergies between SMEs, arguing that "We therefore support and insist on the technical work to deepen and extend the identification of potential productive linkages between the countries of this bloc integration and third markets".

On the other hand, the ministers also signed a Memorandum of Understanding corruption present in public procurement systems at the regional block, looking for good government practices and developing mechanisms of cooperation in preventing and combating corruption procurement systems.

NOTICE: The Republic, Laura Neira Martial