WTC Talk Show Series

The WTC Talk Show series “Vietnam Economic Outlook 2021” will be officially launched in March 2021. The series will be a combination of talk shows televised on HTV9 and online to provide “discovery and forecasting of each economic sector” through the perspective of leading experts. This will be the driving momentum and force to help businesses go far ahead in 2021.

According to WEF’s Founder and Chairman, Mr. Klaus Schwab shared in January 2021 on the currently Covid-19 situation: “2021 will be an important year for the future of the world. With vaccines, we have a chance to overcome the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and rebuild the economy, however, to do this we must proceed in a way that the economy and society can become more flexible, inclusive and more sustainable.”

Enterprises in Vietnam, a country that has been successful against Covid-19 in the past year will need Vietnam to move towards a new model of growth that is more sustainable instead of relying on long-standing competitive advantages such as natural resources and cheap labor.

The WTC Talk Show is expected to be a place to discuss new growth models and become the driver for the economy and propose solutions and well as an opportunity for people to listen and exchange ideas between policy-makers, economists, businesses and international development organizations.

The show will focus on a multidimensional perspective on the whole economy, which will specially be expressed through diverse contents such as investment promotion, market vision, expertise advice, technology development talks, sustainable energy, FTAs and the digital economy.

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