Start-ups learn the Digital Avenues for Success

Jul 23, 2021

In the new era of doing business amidst the pandemic, digital avenues invariably are to be the focus areas for an enterprise to succeed and sustain. Digital avenues have though posed a great challenge to the technical competency of the relatively incompetent enterprise owners and their work force. In this context World Trade Center Bhubaneswar in association with Start-up Odisha organized a session on “AI, Digital Marketing & E-selling”. The session was organized as part of an ongoing series. The session aimed at providing insights to the upcoming entrepreneurs & start-ups on the ways to explore artificial intelligence, social media and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon for bringing in success and sustainability to their enterprise.

Prof. Surya Mishra, Faculty, KIIT School of Management and Founder, Gilehrio in his deliverable made a detailed presentation on social media and digital marketing strategies. He explained about having a balanced approach towards digital marketing and social marketing. He further spoke on crucial points such building influence, content development, attractive website, display and video. He also highlighted the details of inbound marketing process starting from creating attraction to the end of creating delighted customers and converting strangers to promoters.

Mr. Deepak Kumar, Senior Associate, Amazon India Bengaluru spoke about e-selling and how it has emerged as a major support system to the businesses and its customers across the globe especially in the existing pandemic situation. He further explained the special initiatives of Amazon for craftsmen and women namely Amazon Saheli and Amazon Karigar platforms. He shared the process and benefits of getting listed through these special platforms. He further explained the general vendor registration process for the advantage of the attending start-ups.

Ms. Sanat N Das Founder and Director - AI & Digital, Navonmesh labs Pvt Limited, Bengaluru in her address made a detailed presentation on artificial intelligence in marketing & promotions and use of AI for e-selling and digital marketing strategy for start-ups. She explained how AI could transform a business into a smart business and aid in providing personalized customer experiences. She also explained the vital parameters for which AI could be put to effective use such as designing market campaigns, competition analysis, sales forecast and customer service which could actually help an organization build its strength. She further touched upon topics such as data driven marketing strategy, hyper personalization of customer experience and retail demand forecasting.

Mr. Rashmi Ranjan, Coordinator, Start-up Odisha in his initial address spoke about the relevance of the topic to the current scenario. He also shared the latest initiatives of Start-up Odisha such as fund stack which aims at easing funds to the upcoming start-ups. He also recommended making of products which are market fit for which the current platform could be an effective guide.

Earlier Ms. Nimeshika Natarajan, Assistant Director, World Trade Center Bhubaneswar in her welcome address took the opportunity to speak on the significance of the subject as well as introduce the speakers